Volcano accessories to enhance your outdoor experiences.

Additional Accessories

Accessory Package

The accessory package includes the lid, propane valve adapter and flexible skewers. This package is for your Volcano 2 or 3 grill/stove and completes everything you  will need to get cooking outdoors. The lid is our most popular accessory and allows more efficient cooking and controls the heat when cooking. The propane valve adapter allows the use of 1 pound propane bottles and makes it easy to take the Volcano anywhere, without lugging around your 20 pound tank. The flexible skewers make cooking shish kebabs on the Volcano Grill easy.

Volcano grill/stove not included.

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Volcano Flexible Skewer™

Flexible Skewers are a fun and easy way to maximize the cooking space on the circular cooking surface of your Volcano. Made of Stainless Steel, they will never rust and are dishwasher safe! Each package contains 2-22" long skewers.

Great for: steak, chicken, pork, shrimp, pineapples, peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes or anything else you can thread on!

Propane Valve Adapter

The Propane Valve adapter will adapt your hose regulator assembly for 1lb propane bottles. A convenient option for picnics and day trips. Made from solid brass it is small and easily stored inside the Volcano case so you can have it with you always.

The Volcano Propane Valve Adapter allows you to use a one pound propane canister with your VolcanoThree.

Propane Attachment Kit

Upgrade your Volcano 2 or get a replacement for your Volcano 3.

This kit is designed for any Volcano Collapsible. It comes with a 19,500 BTU propane burner, burner crown, hose and regulator assembly, orifice tube, wrenches and instructions to connect it all together. The burner was designed so that it will work from sea level to 11,000 feet.

Middle Grill

The Middle Grill sits in the middle of the Volcano Collapsible Grill. It acts like an oven rack so that  you can bake bread, rolls, and cakes. Place your pan on the middle grill, cover with the Lid and you have an oven. You can also use the middle grill to grill on two levels with charcoal. Use the Middle Grill for charcoal to move the heat closer to the top grill.

The middle grill acts like an oven rack. Allows you to cook food on two levels or on a lower level closer to the heat.

Storage Bag

You bought your Volcano a while back and you love it and you use it a lot. The bag is beginning to look a little shabby and threadbare? Not to worry. We have replacements in stock to help you keep your volcano and accessories together.

The Volcano replacement bag is a great way to store and transport your Volcano Grill. Replaces well used and worn-out bags.

Dutch Oven/Jr. Volcano Storage Bag

This bag was designed for the Jr. Volcano but our customers also tell us it's a great storage bag for our 12" Volcano Dutch Oven.

Fire Pit-Grill Top Grill

You love your fire pit. You use it all the time. However, after lots of use, washings and cleanings your grill looks pretty beat up. Get a new one to replace the old one and consider buying 2 so that you can cook on two levels.

This easy to clean chrome grate is the cooking grate for your Volcano Fire Pit-Grill.

Fire Pit-Grill Charcoal Grate

If you left your bottom grate out in the elements and it is now rusted beyond belief, here is the replacement.


Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for the well used Volcano Grill.

This grate fits inside the Volcano Fire Pit-Grill. This is the grate you place your charcoal on for those backyard BBQ's.

Replacement Parts



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