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Ready When You Need It!

Emergency Preparedness

Are you ready in case of an emergency?  Have you ever wondered what you would do if there was a natural disaster or emergency that left you without your every day convinces of power and gas? How are you going to efficiently and effectively cook/rehydrate and purify water and food for you and your family? The volcano grill 3 with included propane attachment will allow you to use propane, charcoal, or even wood in almost any outdoor cooking situation. If you run out of gas and or charcoal what would you do? Did you know with small pieces or chunks of wood you can cook just as effectively? In most areas you can gather wood from nature to get a good fire burning to cook meals. A Dutch oven and cast iron skillet can be life savers and are an essential tool to cooking food in a crisis. Dutch oven cooking inside the volcano is more efficient and will allow for better preservation of fuel while cooking. A 20Lb bag of charcoal is enough fuel to cook at least 25 hot meals. Fifteen, 20lb bags of charcoal should be enough to cook one hot meal every day for an entire year. Charcoal is very stable and stores extremely well for long periods of time. Be ready when the time comes! Make sure you have enough food, and a good way to cook it.

Ready for a great tailgating grill? Try the portable, efficient easy to use three fuel grill from Volcano Grills.


We love Tailgating. The tailgating atmosphere is filled excitement and fun. The portable nature of the Volcano Grill makes it ideal for cooking with your family and friends before the big game. With the Volcano’s versatility you can expand your game day menu. The ability to grill, smoke, bake, fry, sear, wok cook or even use your Volcano as a stove you have more options now than ever. No more boring hot dogs, you now have the freedom to get creative out there, The Volcano grill will easily set up on the back of your tailgate at a ideal cooking height and you will be ready to cook in a matter of seconds. The freedom to choose between charcoal/wood or propane makes this unique grill the perfect choice of many weekend warriors who are tailgating across the country. When you’re done cooking clean up is easy. Let the grill cool off and zip it away. Whether or not your team wins at least you won’t be hungry.

RV Touring & Camping

Rv/Trailer and touring Van Camping: The volcano grill is one of the most preferred rv/trailer outdoor camping stoves on the market. Our customers love the fact that you can cook outside on a nice day without heating up and/or smelling up your camper. Also grilling meats inside just isn’t the same. Besides it amazing versatility and efficiency the reason this grill is so ideal for rv/trailers is because of its collapsibility. Every square inch of space is crucial in your mobile home. The Volcano grill has a small footprint when stored away in its carrying case. The Volcano 2 and 3 collapses down to a height of 5” and only has a diameter of 17”. The Volcano grill can be stowed away for more comfortable living condition inside your camper while not in use. The Volcano 3 with propane attachment can be modified to work with your campers on board propane unit. The Volcano grill is an easy choice for your next adventure.

Love BBQ while traveling but don't have a lot of room? Try the compact, portable, easy to use three fuel grill from Volcano Grills.
The Volcano Grill is ideal for camping, hunting, scouting and picnics, RV camping and traveling and simple backyard bbq's.


A scout’s motto is “Be Prepared” the Volcano grill will prepare you for any cooking situation that you will come across. The ability to cook with propane, charcoal, or wood will give you the freedom to cook in any situation. Scouts all over the country have been using volcano grills for years. The volcano grill is the perfect cooking platform for any troop. Dutch oven cooking has been a favorite pass time amongst scout overnight camp outs since the beginning. Dutch oven cooking inside the volcano is safer and more efficient. Your favorite scouting peach cobbler just got easier and requires fewer briquettes. The Volcano grill’s patented heat chamber allows for heat to be direct up towards your food or oven and below the grill stays relatively cool. Most scouting camp outs revolve around cooking you must have a effective and reliable way to keep the boys from going hungry. Almost all scout masters are also master camp chefs too and the Volcano grill is the ideal “swiss army” knife so to speak of grills. Breakfast lunch or dinner can be perfected during your troop’s next camp out. If you’re going on a multi day back pack trip check out our line of Volcano lite stoves and pots sets. They are fast and light weight and excellent for cooking and boiling water while on the go.

Hunting & Fishing

Hunting and fishing takes us to beautiful places. There is nothing like getting out in to the fresh air and doing what you love.  While enjoying the great outdoors your hunting or fishing base camp always needs a good outdoor cooking system. After a long day of hunting or fishing you will need to re-energize yourself with a good hot meal. The volcano grill allows you to cook with multiple fuels and cooking configurations. This is the do it all grill for your next adventure. With the Volcano grill you have the ability to cook what you catch or harvest. You can keep one for the grill, fresh grilled trout is excellent. Venison back straps always taste best fresh a little salt and pepper and throw it on the volcano grill over open flame can be very rewarding after a hard earned successful hunt.

Cook breakfast with propane in the morning, charcoal for burgers at lunch and roast marshmallows over wood at night. The Volcano does it all.
Love barbecues but don't have a lot of room on your balcony or patio? Try a Volcano 3 Grill and enjoy barbecue again.

Apartments & Patios

Weather you’re cooking in your backyard or on your apartment patio the volcano grill is a great option.. You can set up and be grilling in a matter of seconds. Its portability makes the volcano grill perfect for any backyard. Some apartment complexes don’t allow charcoal grills. Fortunately the volcano grill allows you to choose the fuel you would like to cook with. Outdoor grilling and cooking can now be accomplished even on your upper story patio apartment. The Volcano grill will enable you to grill up those steaks on your new Volcano BBQ grill.

Home Canning

The volcano grill gives you an outdoor option for canning. Perfect for both water bath canning and pressure canning. Have you ever wanted to can outside? Do you want to avoid heating up your house in the summer months? It’s wonderful keeping the heat out of your kitchen and not having to run the AC all day. The Volcano 3 with propane does a great job for your caning needs. The volcano grill is very sturdy and allows you to put your large canning pots on top of the grill. The Volcano can handle the weight and is built extremely well. Most people use our propane attachment while canning on top of the Volcano stove. The burner is very powerful but you will only need to turn the stove on low while doing your canning.

Hate the heat and mess of canning in your kitchen? Move it outside by using the Volcano 3 Grill with its propane attachment.



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